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Outdoor Learning

Have a look at some of the activities we have been up to! You may also see more on our Special Events page or our School Blog.

Reception's Fun at Forest School

2 November 2017

Reception have been having a lovely time visiting Saltwells Nature Reserve every Thursday on the mini bus. We have looked at the different species of tree and given them names - Mrs Holly and Mrs Ivy who are evergreen and Mr Oak, and compared the seasons.


Maths is Fun in Reception

1 November 2017

Reception had a lovely time learning about numbers and shapes outside. They are learning how to count everything accurately.


The Outdoor Classroom

18 October 2017

The greatest learning and richest learning environment is roofed only by the sky!


Gardening in Year 1

September 2017

The children were very excited that they had been given their own gardening plot. They drew designs and worked in groups to decide what would be planted in the bed. The children worked hard to pull up any weeds to prepare the bed for planting.


Year 6 Dig for Victory

June 2017

The children prepared the bed by pulling up any weeds and turning over the soil. To link with their History learning about the war, the children decided to sow some vegetable seed in the shape of the Union Jack. The children will use what they have grown to cook up a traditional war time meal, just like back in the old days when food was rationed.