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Year 4 Residential to Preston Mountford

2 November 2017

On Thursday 2nd November pupils from Year 4 went on an overnight residential to Preston Montford Field Centre near Shrewsbury.

The children were introduced to the Darwin Challenge which involved discovering, exploring and learning to protect wildlife and habitats. For the challenge the children took part in several activities which included:

  • Sense of place activities - the children contrasted the centre surrounding with their own home environment.
  • Scavenger hunt - the children went round collecting leaves, plants and anything they found of interest and then came back together to look at them and discuss with the group why they had chosen those things and found out what they were.
  • Orienteering - using a site map the children, in small groups, explored the site looking for key points on the map.
  • Building small mammal hotels - the children thought about what they needed to put into the humane traps, e.g. what they eat and how to keep warm and then built their mammal hotel which they then placed into the hedgerows and then the next morning all the hotels were checked to see if anyone had stayed in them. They were lucky enough to find two voles and one mouse.
  • Mini beast hunt - the children used different equipment to search for mini beasts.
  • Pond dipping - the children were able to use nets to investigate what was living in the pond.

The children also enjoyed a camp fire on the Thursday evening. They all had a wonderful time and were a credit to the school. Well done Year 4!