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Year 4 Visit Wroxeter Roman City

6 October 2011

On Thursday 6th October Year 4 visited Wroxeter Roman City. They spent the day exploring what life would have been like as a Roman living in Wroxeter. They studied the Roman ruins and newly constructed Roman Town House. Children also created their own mosaics in the education room, where they were also able to dress up as Roman civilians.

All round, an incredibly informative and enjoyable day! Here are some of the children's comments about our day:

"I really enjoyed Wroxeter because the Roman ruins were amazing! Looking around the ruins was what I liked the most because it was fascinating!" - Jason

"I absolutely loved my trip to Wroxeter. To be honest I liked everything the most, my least favourite part was the wind." - Thea

"My favourite part of the day was everything, because I was so excited. My least favourite part was dinner because I wanted to see more." - Tori