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Year 6 trip to Weston Park

26 February 2013

On Tuesday 26th February Year 6 visited Weston Park.

During the visit they learned about what happened to children, who lived in the cities, when they were evacuated. They learned that the children had to carry I.D. cards and had a ration book which they took with them when they were evacuated to the countryside, as well as the jobs they were expected to do whilst there.

They experienced what it would be like during an air raid in an Anderson Shelter with the sounds of the sirens, planes, bombs dropping and the clanging bells of the emergency vehicles and were then allowed to sit in an actual Anderson Shelter.

Another activity they did was to make their own gas masks from card which they learned had to be carried at all times and were shown all the different types of gas masks that were available for adults, children and babies.

Having dressed up in some 1940s clothes they were shown a typical living room from that period in time.

All the children were impeccably behaved and really enjoyed their visit.