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Introducing the Council

The School Council consists of one boy and one girl from each class from Year 1 to Year 5.

The representatives from Year 6 consist of the Head Boy and Girl and the deputies.

Each member is voted onto the School Council through a ballot.

Our role is to take children's ideas and present them at the School Council meetings. We have a responsibility to represent our Year groups and we take this role seriously.

School Council reps go to meetings and discuss things about our school and its environment. We also help to decide which charities the school will support. Currently we are sponsoring two children through Action Aid.

In 2008 we introduced 'pupil voice' slips so that children have a way to clearly communicate with their reps weekly and not just during formal sessions. This has been very effective and we will continue this work.

Comments from the Council

It's great being Head Boy and an honour to represent the school.

Head Boy, Year 6

It is fun and interesting being on School Council and have enjoyed meeting with other people on School Council.

Year 4 representative

Enjoy being able to represent Year 5 and to discuss school matters.

Year 5 representative